Monday, October 12, 2009

Who to contact?

This T-Mobile outage has affected every single sidekick customer. So many people have called T-Mobile, frustrated, because T-Mobile is not offering anything beyond a free month despite the damages we suffered from their negligence. I have seen some people satisfied with an offer of $149 for a new MyTouch phone if they signed another 2 years. Why would you PAY another $150 and agree to 2 more years of service with a company that just lost ALL of your data? So where do you go from here?

1. Ask for a supervisor. It seems like the customer service reps have limited power here. A supervisor can do more for you. If they, too, are non-compliant, ask for their supervisor too.

2. Contact T-Mobile's Legal Department. People are yelling breech of contract, which this is not. However, this is definitely negligence on the part of T-Mobile. T-Mobile Wireless, Legal Department, 12920 SE 38th Street, Bellevue, WA 98006-1350.

3. Contact The Washington State Attorney General's office at ... this will file an official complaint with the state of Washington. They will put pressure on T-Mobile to answer you with satisfaction.

4. Contact your own state's attorney general. They will have less power than the WA state attorney general, but log a complaint anyway! T-Mobile owns stores in every state even though they are headquartered in Washington.

5. Contact the FCC. You can access their website at

Be detailed in your complaints. What happened? Who did you speak to? When? What did they tell you? And exactly what resolution you desire.

Don't bother contacting the Better Business Bureau. They are not a government agency and have no power. They merely take a log complaints. T-Mobile already has an "F" rating with the BBB.


  1. I have had this battle for over a year. I have filed a complaint with the AGO. I started having data problems in Nov 08. They said the product was defective and offered to replace it with the same phone but the "new" software at no cost. They turned around and billed me $100.00. This story goes on and on with customer relations, customer service, and the store I have locally. T-mobile told me that my warranty was expired in June 09. When I called in October 2nd to complain again about my data loss, they told me my warranty expired october 1st 09. They lied to me to prevent me from filing under my warranty. I was given $100.00 for this mishap by my local store, whom only believed me about my 0ct 1st warranty claim when I called and put customer service on speaker and had "kenny" tell the manager the correct expiration date. Please contact me at if you get any new knowledge on any lawsuits or any news. I have been documenting my problems since Nov 08.

  2. Exactly. That they would think this is adequate compensation is ludicrous. We should demand an upgrade or sidegrade to a non-Sidekick device, with NO contract extension and NO charge. Or, demand to be released from our contracts at NO charge.

    The more people do this, the more Tmo will get the message that this is just plain unacceptable service.

    Even if I personally was offered a MyTouch or G1 phone free of charge, I do not think I would accept it. This is just me personally, these phones do not appeal to me. I like the Sidekick. There is only one phone I would consider using in its place, and it cannot be used with Tmo (the LG Lotus, it has no SIM slot).

    The way I figure it, if you've lost your data and obviously we've all lost our trust that our data is safe with the new heads of Danger, there is nothing tying you to Tmo anymore. You should be allowed to sever the contract, free of charge, for such an enormous failure of service and trust. Period.

  3. I have had SK since 06 I believe. I asked for a blackberry but they want to increase fee on my data plan. Unbelievable...I have been a tmobile customer for a decade. I am sadden by all of this and just want my contacts.

  4. LK, were they offering you a blackberry for free? Or were they asking you to pay the "special upgrade price?"