Monday, October 12, 2009

T-Mobile Outage Outrage

T-Mobile Banned me from their forums because I was voicing my opinion about their outage and suggesting customers contact the Washington State Attorney General's office. I am disgusted, not only by the sidekick outage at TMobile, but because
  • T-Moble strung us along for 7 days of reassuring us that our information will come back before they told us that they pretty much lied.
  • They were not updating us on a regular basis about anything at all.
  • They lost our information. Everything. 300+ contacts - numbers, addresses, email addresses, 30+ important notes, 20+ tasks -- calendar with important dates, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
At this time, they have offered one free month of data service. This outage has cost me a lot of money as I use my sidekick for business. I will not be silenced by T-Mobile and I will continue to voice my opinion and actions here. I suggest no one allow T-Mobile to get away with this. You deserve proper reimbursement and a free new comparable phone without having to pay another dime a money for it.

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