Tuesday, October 13, 2009

$100 Gift Card, Good Start

While I believe the $100 gift card that T-Mobile is offering is a good start, the fact of the matter is -- our data service is still not properly functioning.

One of the comments on my blog had the right idea. T-Mobile should be offering us all:

1. A similar phone, MyTouch, or Blackberry -- for NO charge. The phone we already paid money for and is supposed to be working is not working and it's their outage.

2. A similar plan at no additional charge. I have had a sidekick for 4 years and pay $19.95 for unlimited data, internet, etc. Our bills should not go up because their network suffered an outage rendering our devices' data useless.

3. Some sort of compensation for the loss of data, not to mention the time it will take to rebuild our contacts. I would never rebuild my contacts on the sidekick network. It has proven itself untrustworthy. I lost 4 years of information. The $100 compensation is a good start. However, those of us that have been with them for longer should get more. The longer you've been a customer, the more data you lost and the longer it's going to take to rebuild that information, if you ever can.

My data has been reliably entrusted to TMobile for 4+ years. We enter information into our handsets and we pay Tmobile to back it up every month. Who knew that each time you turned the phone off and on that the information is wiped out and retrieved from the backup on T-mobile/Danger's servers? I don't think anyone knew until now. Hell, the word Microsoft didn't even come up until the outage! I had no idea that Danger was acquired by Microsoft.


  1. I have two questions...

    In four years of running a business from your device, you never once thought it important to backup your data in the event you lost your device or similar? If you never knew the device was retrieving the data from the server each time it was reboot, one would think you would want to ensure your data by backing it up, no?

    Also, why do you keep saying T-Mobile/Danger servers, have you still not realized that the servers are run and maintained by Danger exclusively?

    I have so many other questions, but these are the ones I'll put here.


  2. when i got off the phone with tmobile i was not offered the $100 gift card. i am pissed (sorry for the language) they are giving me a discount on a new phone and i paid $500 for mine when i first got it. i will definitely be sending a lovely letter to the legal department!

  3. Yes, the servers are run by Danger exclusively, who is now owned by Microsoft, who is contracted by TMobile to handle our service. TMobile needed to make sure Danger had backups and a failover plan. Since they did not, this is TMobile's problem.

    The lack of communication and action with this outage is a T-Mobile problem. The fact that they entrusted Microsoft to safeguard our data is a T-Mobile issue.

    Last I checked, my bill came from TMobile. When I have a problem with my sidekick or service, I call TMobile... not Microsoft not danger.